Core Services

At Code Reddy Inc. we offer a broad range of software design and development skills. The following list enumerates some of our core specialities.

Software Design: We emphasise strong design processes with a focus on quality, including robust API design, applying proven software design patterns, and utilizing appropriate architectures such as Model–View–Controller.

Software Development: We offer a range of programming language skills, including C/C++, Java, Python, Perl, and Objective-C. We have also developed significant projects on Linux, Mac OS X, iPhone OS, Windows, Solaris, IRIX, AmigaOS, and QNX.

Software Testing: We believe in the use of automated testing as a way to developing robust software that can last for the long term. We have written custom automated test frameworks and have also developed extensive suites of unit, integration, GUI, and performance tests.

3D Graphics: We have a long history developing interactive real-time 3D graphics applications based upon OpenGL and OpenGL ES, as well as photorealistic rendering solutions such as Pixar's RenderMan®.

Multithreading: We have deep experience with the POSIX threading model and using threading debugging tools such as Intel's suite of Thread Checker® and Thread Profiler®.

Networking: We offer skills in developing client/server networked applications based upon BSD sockets and Winsock, as well as using higher level protocols such as XMPP.

User interfaces: We have produced intuitive and easy-to-use user interfaces using common GUI toolkits such as Qt, Tcl/Tk, Win32, Cocoa, UIKit, Java Swing, and X/Motif.

Website Development: We have expertise developing rich, interactive websites using technologies such as PHP, Perl, Python, MySQL, JavaScript, AJAX, HTML/XML, and CSS.

Process Consulting: We have experience growing engineering teams and adapting the development and communication processes to remain efficient as the organization expands.

"[Martin] provides a rare and outstanding level of talent, both technically and organizationally. He is incredibly easy and fun to work with. His code is well written and tested. His architecture is well defined and documented. Probably the best all-around software engineer I've worked with."
Mark Palange, Linden Lab